REALTORS® Political Action Committee for the state of Tennessee shall be organized and operated exclusively for the purposes of supporting the nomination or election of candidates for public office in the state of Tennessee who share the ideals and principles of REALTORS®, providing funds to the national REALTORS® Political Action Committee, and otherwise doing any and all things necessary to support the public policy agenda of Tennessee REALTORS®, in accordance with federal and state laws.

2018 State Legislative Highlights

Short-Term Rental Unit Act – passed and signed into law restricting the local governments ability to regulate short-term rentals. If properties were already being used as short-term rentals they may continue to operate after the ban.

Pets/Apartments – This amendment criminalized fraudulent claims of disability for the purpose of keeping a pet in an apartment that does not allow them. The tenant if found guilty would be held in breach of the rental agreement.

2018 National Legislative Highlights

National Flood Insurance Program

Mortgage Interest Deduction — NAR worked throughout the tax reform process to preserve the existing tax benefits of homeownership and real estate investment, as well to ensure as many real estate professionals as possible would benefit from proposed tax cuts. Many of the changes reflected in the final bill were the result of the engagement of NAR and its members over several years. Learn more here.